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Festival Camping

Your guide to festival camping… by campervan!

From iconic camping music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo to festivals for foodies, beer, yoga, and beyond, renting a campervan can be an affordable way to bring some extra comforts along for the ride.

Which music festivals are best for camping?

Read our round-up of all the best camping music festivals!

“Dear Escape Campervans! I just had the best experience of my life renting a van from you. I took the van around California; visited Yosemite and Big Sur… but most importantly, your van CHANGED my life at the music festival, Lightning in a Bottle. It really changed my entire festival world and I have been festing for 7 years. I think your vans are so perfect for festival go-ers because as soon as you’re the kid with the coolest van, you’re the coolest kid at the fest. Thank you so much!!!” – Julia
Suwannee Hulaween Camping Friends

5 reasons to rent a campervan for your next festival

1. Comfort

Escape’s campervans comfortably sit and sleep 4-5 people with the rooftop sleeper. The “dining room” converts into an oversized queen bed and there’s a full kitchen with a sink, stove, and fridge in the back, so you aren’t limited to trail mix and PB&Js. String up some fairy lights and you’ve got yourself the ultimate set up!

2. Accessories

Don’t have all your own camp gear? No problem! We offer bedding and kitchen kits, picnic tables, solar showers (no more waiting in long lines for the campground shower!), AUX cords, sunshade awnings, propane, and more for you to further enhance your trip. All of your festival camping essentials and accessories are ready when you pick up.

3. Style

Our campervans are hand-painted by talented artists in LA rather than being covered in branding. Plus, it’s easy to make friends with fellow campervan travelers!

4. Convenience

We have the largest campervan fleet in North America, with 12 depot locations across the US and Canada, most of which are near international airports (round-trip and one-ways available). Our campervans come fully-equipped with a bed/”dining room” and kitchen, so you can pick up the van and hit the road all ready to go.

5. Budget

Campervans are more economical than RVs and cheaper than hotel rooms. Split the cost among your friends and you’ll get your vehicle and lodging all in one for a low price!

“ABSOLUTELY AMAZING EXPERIENCE. Got the van for Coachella and let me tell you, our camp spot was the best set up thanks to the van! We had AC while others struggled in heat under their tents, nights were cozy, and we had access to clean water. We didn’t spend money on food at Coachella because we cooked in our van! So so so so so THANKFUL! Definitely renting again for my next camping trip :)” – Jhosselyn
A young man cooking in a campervan kitchen

Important tips for taking an Escape campervan to a festival


  1. Certain weekends sell out early and quickly (a certain festival in California in April, for example) and we may require a high-demand fee to accommodate the volume of pick ups and drop offs.
  2. You get price breaks the longer you rent and you get 100 miles/day FREE with your rental averaged over your trip (more days = more free miles). So, make a road trip out of it and save some money!
  3. DO NOT attempt to drive under the influence. Your insurance may be void if something were to happen and they find that you were not sober. (Hint: there’s a big comfy bed in your campervan, so you have no excuse to drive, anyway!)

Burning Man

  • Going to Burning Man is at your own risk.
    • CDW insurance does not apply once you enter the Playa.
    • SLI Insurance, however, does apply and is encouraged.
    • Due to the harsh environment, we are not able to offer Roadside Assistance on the Playa.
  • Due to cleaning requirements after the fact, we charge a $750 fee for all rentals going to the Playa. If you fail to notify us that you’ll be heading to Burning Man in your campervan, fees of over $1,500 may apply. WE ONLY ALLOW OUR MAVERICKS VANS TO ATTEND BURNING MAN.
    • We do not allow our Santa Cruz models to go to Burning Man.
    • We do not allow our Big Sur models to go to Burning Man.
    • We do not allow our Jeep Camper models to go to Burning Man.
    • We do not allow our Del Mar models to go to Burning Man.
    • We do not allow rooftop sleepers to go to Burning Man.

"Told everyone we were in a band when we took it to Bonnaroo because of how sick our van looked. This thing was a dream on wheels." - Harry
"The campervan we got far exceeded my expectations! It was clean, quirky and a big hit with friends at the festival we attended. It was a smooth ride. The bed was so comfortable, I could've slept all day. The fridge in the back kept beers extra cold and the design on the outside caught a lot of eyes. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a unique, memorable ride...riding a unicorn could be the only thing cooler than this!" - K Barry

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